Quickflix Review

In Brief: Quickflix has been around since 2011, offering DVDs, BluRay discs and a streaming service. With over 60,000 movies and shows, it has an extensive library to choose from.

Subscription: If you are interested in streaming their content only, and not into hiring DVDs or BlyRay discs, the cost is a non-contracted $9.99 per month. They offer a 14-day free trial to test their service to see if it meets your needs, however you must have a valid credit card. Like other “free trials”, if you don’t cancel before the free period is over, your credit card will automatically be debited the monthly subs.

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Content: With over 60,000 movies and shows to watch, this service will keep you entertained for quite a long time. However the major disadvantage with Quickflix is that your monthly subscription does not give you free access to all its content.


Quickflix has a free component as well as a pay-per-view service as well.

The normal subscription service provides an extensive range of movies and shows. The shows that are part of your monthly subscription include:

Sherlock, Orphan Black, Torchwood, Miranda, True Blood, Rake, Faulty Towers, West Wing, Broadwalk Empire, Sopranos, Misfits, Doctor Who, Go Back Where You Came From, A Touch of Frost, Absolutely Fabulous, Adam 12, Acropolis Now, Agatha Christies’ Miss Marples, Alias, All Saints, Andromeda and many more.

However, many of these series are a combination of free as well as a pay-per-view subscription which generally applies to the last couple of seasons.

The pay-per-view subscription is disappointing for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, many of the free shows you can watch are coupled with the newer 1 or 2 seasons being a pay-per-view service. For example,take Sherlock the series. The first two seasons are part of your monthly subscription, but the third season can only be watched if you pay extra for it.

The second reason is that the pay-per-view service is not episode based but rather season based. So if I was to pay to watch Season 3 of Sherlock, I would need to fork out $19.99 to watch it. There is no episode based subscription from what I could find.

Many of the movies that I wanted to watch are pay-per-view. For example, Captain America: the Winter Soldier  is $5.99 , Thor The Dark World  is $5.99, and, Love and Honor $3.99.

Although I can understand the need to generate income on top of the monthly subscription, charging to see movies from as far back as 1940 [Fantasia by Disney, cost is $3.99] is ridiculous. The cost as well is a bit on the higher end with the cheapest movie I could find was $3.99.

Other issues

I tested the service on my Windows 8.1 laptop using my Chrome browser and my Samsung SIII mobile. On the mobile, the app works fine and the streaming is great. Streaming was good even using my mobile data. However on my laptop, I was unable to watch as I kept getting the message to install Microsoft’s Silverlight. I actually thought I had it, but installed it again anyway, only to get the error that I had it installed already.

A Quickflix issue or a Chrome issue? Not sure, and to be honest, at present I don’t really care. My excitement over watching Quickflix and having access to such a huge library has been dashed because of their illogical subscription and pay-per-view service.

Q-silverlight q-silverlight outcome


The solution to this can be found here:



Content – 5/5

Site useability: 4/5

Value for money: 3/5

Overall, Quickflix has the potential to gain the proverbial lion’s share of the online streaming market here in Australia due to it’s extensive library. However because of its costly pay-per-view service, it has placed roadblocks on it’s self.

You can draw your own conclusions by taking advantage of their 14-day free trial at Quickflix