Welcome to my blog. Below is a brief overview of my beliefs and what you may expect if you decide to follow me.
You wont find any photos of me on here though – I like my privacy and my anonymity, but that doesn’t mean I am hiding anything. Just prefer to keep my online existence separate from my real life 🙂
Now the for “boring” stuff 🙂
Oh that dreaded subject. -I do not believe in any religion as I do not believe in mythical beings or fantasy after-life worlds. However having said that, I respect others who wish to believe.-
Only piece of advise I will give you is this – don’t try to convert me and don’t spam my threads with religious comments.
First of all I am a dual citizen [Australian and European] and believe in a united democratic Europe. I support – faults and all – the European Union and what it is attempting to achieve.
I see the European Union as the “seed” to regional federations [which have already emerged like UNISAR, African Union etc] before a final global federation. It will take time, but it is in the process of being achieved. Hopefully I will be alive when it does become reality.
If I had to place myself in the political spectrum, I would probably be somewhere in the middle of the Left and the Right. But this doesn’t mean I dont support certain aspects of both extremes.
I am pro-Israeli but I am also pro-Palestinian and want to see both people have their own countries. Don’t like that? Deal with it.
This bit is easy. We are all one species, despite the fact that many think differently. Each race, religion, culture etc has its good points and its bad points. By the same token, I will not tarnish a whole people simply because some still act like Neanderthals.

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