Getting the most out of ello

You’ve decided to take the leap into the new social network called Ello. You’ve got your invite, you’ve joined, but what now?

Keep in mind that you are one of the lucky ones to join – one of the few that are inside and will see the evolution of Ello! So rule 1# is – don’t expect everything to be there.

Your first “friend” will be Ello itself and the person who invited you.

At the present moment, you only have 2 categories to choose from – either “Friends” or “noise”. These are the “circles” or “friends” categories that you can put people into. My advise is to put everyone you decide to follow into your “Friends” group, and the reason behind this is that you will see everything they post. Later when you have built up a group of people that you spend most of the time with, move the others into the “noise” group. I will be using the “noise” group for those that post way too much but still want to follow them without cluttering my friends’ stream.

Moving people between the two is quite easy – just click on their profile picture and drag it over to the other category.


So now that you have two friends, what now?

On the top left of you screen, you will see the above image.

From left to right:

The black smiley is your “home” button. Clicking it will show you your stream and what everyone is or has posted. If your “friends” button is black and you click the black smiley, you will see what your friends have posted. If you wish to see the “noise” group’s posts, simply click the noise button.

Find People, Send Invites, Settings


To the right of the Ello home button/smiley face are the following:

Add People, or Discover as Ello prefers to call it
Send Invites

My advise is to go first to Settings. This is where you not only populate your profile with the information you want people to see, but it is also your privacy and notifications settings.





If you are ever lost when using Ello and don’t know how to do something, you will see the WTF on the bottom left of your screen. If you click it, you will get the expanded menu.




Ello supports dozens of emoticons, everything from a smiley face to pizza, beer and … well you have to see them to believe it! And they are easy to do.


You can see the ever expanding list here:

Posting on Ello

Posting on Ello is pretty much the same as on Google+ or Facebook. However, there are some good differences.

To post, simply click on the black box next to your image.

ello posting

The back box will expand and allow you to type or drag photos into it.

ello posting 2

The advantage Ello has over Google+ or Facebook is the ability to format the text, pretty much like Microsoft Office or any other similar programme. Simply highlight the word/s you want to change and a pop-up menu appears.

ello posting 3

The options, left to right, are Bold, Italics or if you click the arrow, you can insert a link!

Note that you can add several photos in a post, so posting on Ello is like using WordPress, so it is a great media if you want to post a lengthy article [for example] with several photos interspersed into it.

Unlike Facebook or Google+, on Ello you can see how many people have seen your post. Under your post, you will see the following:

posting ello

From left to right, they are:

Edit Post, Delete Post, how long ago it was posted, how many have seen it, Comments made

Friends, Noise, Mute

You can either add someone as a friend or add them to your follow group [otherwise called Noise]. However you can now Mute someone as well, which is basically blocking them.


Your profile and those of others will also show how many posts you have made, how many people you are following and how many have added you back.



How many times have you seen a post and had to wade through heaps of comments just to get to someone’s reply to yours? On Google+ and Facebook, the earliest comment is at the top and the most recent is at the bottom.

On Ello, its the opposite. The newest is at the top!

If you wish to comment on a post, you simply click on the number below the post. You’ll notice your profile image and that black box.

comment 1

comment 2

replying or “tagging” someone

On Facebook, you type someone’s name and a popup comes up with the people who’s name start with those initial letters.

On Google+ you use the + and the person’s name.

On Ello, just like Twitter, you use the @ symbol in front of their name.

What you won’t find yet

Okay, Ello is in beta mode – real beta, not Google beta. So you won’t find some of the stuff you consider to be “basics”.

These are:

1. Notifications. Believe it or not, there is no notifications icon yet, like you find on Google+ and Facebook. The disadvantage of this is that you need to rely on your email notifications to know if anyone has responded to your posts. the advantage is that you are not “stuck” on being in Ello 24/7! Real life is sometimes a bit more important than being online.


The same applies to people adding you.

2. Videos, links etc. You can add links, whether to other sites or to Youtube/Vimeo, but you won’t see the snippet. These are simply links to the content you are sharing. Or in short, there is no embedding as yet. However, Ello is planning of allowing these in the near future along with embedding audio clips.

3. Resharing

There currently is no resharing option, but it is coming shortly.


The essential people to add if you join.

@WTF = the help section
@ello = Ello itself
@budnitz @budnitzbicycles @bergerfohr @todd @lucian @gv @mk @jayzes @cacheflowe = the founders
@jamezfrondeskias = me, if you wish

in the WTF section, you will find the rules. The basics are pretty simple, so you shouldn’t really run into any problems.

From their Rules page

Ello was created by idealists who believe that the essential nature of all human beings is to be kind, considerate, helpful, intelligent, responsible, and respectful of others.

This doesn’t mean that everyone always acts this way. Therefore, we’ve created a list of simple rules that you need to follow when you use Ello. If you don’t follow the rules, you risk being kicked off Ello and banned as a user forever.

The Rules:
Don’t threaten people.
This includes threats of violence, and threats to hurt others in any way.

Don’t Hate.
Slurs based on race, sexual orientation, religious or political belief, age, or just about anything else, whether they be personal or general, besides being very uncool, are not allowed.

Don’t Spam.
Don’t use fake tags or deceptive links or try to mislead others about the things you post. Don’t use malware or other evil code when you post. Don’t use Ello as a vehicle for generating revenue for affiliate marketing. No phishing.

Don’t Automate.
Ello is for human beings. It is against the rules to use a computer to register a lot of users on Ello, or to follow lots of users, or to automate posting.

Don’t infringe on other people’s copyrights and trademarks.
Please make sure you have the legal right to post the things that you put on Ello.

Don’t squat on usernames.
Don’t register a username that you are not going to use yourself. Don’t register a username just to prevent someone else from using it. Usernames that have not been actively used for an extended period will be reclaimed.

Don’t impersonate others.
Be yourself, or a version of yourself. Please don’t pretend to be someone else.

Don’t hurt young people.
Don’t post anything inappropriate about minors, including things that are violent or sexual in nature.

Don’t use Ello to intrude on other people’s privacy.
There’s enough of that going on by big internet and governments around the world.

Don’t post sexually explicit content without flagging your profile Not Suitable for Work (NSFW). NSFW flagging in is development. This policy will go into effect as soon flagging is completed. We respect the diverse views of the Ello community. Not everyone wants to see sexually explicit content. If you regularly post this sort of content, please respect those in our community who do not wish to see it by flagging your profile NSFW. Doing so will screen your Profile’s content from Ello users who would prefer not to see it.

Ello’s rules expressly forbid posting abusive content of any kind, including sexually explicit content that portrays or encourages violence towards people or animals.

If you break the rules we may contact you and ask you to fix the problem immediately.

If you don’t, your account may be suspended or deleted, your username forfeited, and your IP address may be permanently banned from logging into Ello. We reserve the right to enforce or not to enforce these rules in whatever way we see fit, at our sole discretion.


If you are willing to put up with some features not being available as yet, then you will find that you will enjoy Ello. The rule – as with all social media sites – is interaction.

Add people, share posts, comment on other people’s posts. Just like you would on Google+ and Facebook. Otherwise it will be a lonely experience, no matter what social media network you are on.

This is provided as a brief overview. Ello has easy to find information .. use the WTF in the bottom left of your screen or the About and Feature List on the top left of your screen.