Ello, Ello, Ello

Welcome to the newest social media site – ello.co

I have read a lot about ello in the press, with many criticising it for its shortcomings. I suppose we have all become used to Google and its products – including gmail and google+ – which were in “Google Beta” for such a long time that we have become accustomed to “beta” meaning “its 99.999% ready but we want something to give us the right to say _sorry, its in Beta still_ when it goes belly up or there are issues”

I have had the fortune of joining Facebook when it was still restricted to College students in the USA. I managed to get an invite for 2 weeks access, and even back then, Facebook was out of “beta mode”. So when it became accessible to everyone everywhere, we ended up joining a social network that was already up and running.

Even so, Facebook continues to make blunders again and again. Remember the manipulation of peoples’ streams for “research purposes”? Or the use of your photos by apps to promote their services? Or even all those privacy issues?

Yet even after a decade of existence, you can’t use bold or italics in your posts. Facebook to me is like Altavista and other sites back then – cluttered and full of adverts – many being forced into your stream. Facebook appears to have a near total lack of interest in halting the spread of racism, hatred etc. All in the name of making money!

To me, Facebook is way way too cluttered, which is in one of the main reasons I don’t use it.



Google then launched their own social network – Google+. Again, I joined whilst it was in beta mode and invite only. That was just over 3 years ago, and Google+ has evolved gradually. But even when it was invite only, it was practically a fully fledged social network with all the pre-requisite features we wanted.

Google has added features over time, yet one can’t feel but think that the primary aim of Google+ is to provide Google and its search engine with more and more content. Yet in terms of “new features” for us to use, there truly hasn’t been many – especially ones you can use on a day-to-day basis.



Last month a new social network was launched, a network that is in what I would call, true “beta” stage. Ello is still in beta mode and invite only, and from what I can see, it will remain both for quite a while. I’ve been on Ello for 5 days now and it is a real contrast from Facebook and Google+.

Many have criticised it for its “lack of features”, its “layout” etc. Yet that is what “beta” is supposed to be – a service or product that is still being built/developed and not the “final” version.

So, should you ask for an invite and join? It really depends on what you are looking for in a social network. If you decide to take the leap and check it out, read my next post on how to get the most out of ello