Two in three (66 per cent) Australians lived in a capital city

In 2013, two in three (66 per cent) Australians lived in a capital city, a slight increase since 1973 when 65 per cent lived in a capital. By 2053, this share is projected to increase to 72 per cent.

Full report at the Australian Bureau of Statistics at


Bionic Kangaroo

A team of engineers in Germany has produced a bionic kangaroo, capable of jumping and then recovering its balance. Check the video below.


Collect Dead Students’ Debts – says Grattan Institute

The Grattan Institute has suggested that the Federal Australian Government should recover higher education debts from the deceased estates of students. The report also says the government should “dip into” the deceased estates if they owe $100,000 or more. Yet the report openly admits that there will be negligible impact on the recovery of the …



Going Crazy?

I don’t think so. Just not really being here to listen to you.  


ESOcast 64: First Ring System Around Asteroid


Join the Debate on the Future of #Ukraine!

Be a part of history, and help this great country on its journey to stability, prosperity and #Europe.

TOGETHER we can raise awareness, find solutions, and build a better future!



Pointing The Finger



I love this image as it combines a number of things I like.

1. aliens and space

2. Manners [never point your finger at anyone]

3. It makes fun of the Adam and God image.


Lonely Alien


Sometimes people don’t realise what it feels like to be left behind.



Dinner with Relatives

Sometimes one has to be do the right thing. Relatives are such a pain, especially if they are older than you.   (Image is not of me, just setting the record straight.)  


Nothing Going Right :(